The Truth About Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star

Ok I’ll just be straight up honest… I freaking love Jeffrey Star! He’s incredibly funny, talented, glamorous, ambitious, unique, creative, inspiring and straight talking. Yep, safe to say I have a massive girl crush on Mr Star! 😍😍😍

If you’ve been living under a rock this last couple of years and don’t know who Jeffrey Star is here is a quick recap… Jeffrey is a makeup artist, singer and model from from California who shot to fame on My Space for his music and for appearances on TV show Tattoo along with (ex) bestfriend and Kat Von D. He went on to launch his own phenomenally successful cosmetics line in 2014, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Jeffery also has a very successful Youtube channel where he offers makeup reviews and tutorials and currently has almost 6.5million followers …I definitely recommend you check it out!

Truth be told, I never really had much of an interest in Jeffery Star until 2 years ago, of course I was aware of his cosmetic range but not really the man behind it ….until the infamous fallout between Star and Kat Von D. After reading about it on social media (nosiness got the better of me, lol) I checked out Kat’s initial video and Jeffrey’s response to that. Jeffrey’s video resonated with me, it just seemed so real, genuine and honest that I fell in love with him. Which just goes to show there’s no such thing as bad publicity!

Daddy & No Tea, No Shade packaging

Fast forward until the present day and after a long time lurking I’m finally buying my first Jeffery Star products (when you own a makeup shop there really is no justification for buying more cosmetics, but shhh!). From Beauty Bay I purchased 2 of the products that started off the line, his Velour Liquid Lipsticks in ‘Daddy‘ and ‘No Tea, No Shade’.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks

I choose ‘Daddy’ as it is a beautiful warm nude (I usually opt for nudes) and ‘No Tea, No Shade‘, a stunning shade very unlike anything I already have! This one is harder to describe, from my screen I thought it loooked like a dark purple/maroon, now I’ve swatched I would say it almost has a brown shift to it also – regardless it is still gorgeous shade.

Swatches – Daddy on top, No Tea, No Shade on bottom

When I tried the formula I was shocked by how lightweight it felt on the lips as a matte, I almost thought it wouldn’t last because it literally felt like there was nothing there – but once it dried down there was no transfer. Also one applicator dip was more than enough to cover the entire lip area (and mamma got plenty of lip) although I did apply a second coat of ‘No Tea, No Shade‘ as it was a teeny, tiny bit patchy and it give the whole colour much extra oomph. I’ll leave my selfies below for you to see each shade.

Moi, modelling Daddy
Selfie with No Tea, No Shade

Do I recommend it?

Time for the big question! As a Jeffree fan was I left disappointed or was it every bit as good as I hoped? (As a fan of Jeffery or not, I will always give an honest review!) But yes I would definitly recommend this Jeffery Star Velour Liquid LipStick – the formula is unique and that lightweight-ness does it makes ultra-comfortable to wear compared to heavier/drier formulas I have tried previously, I also feel it wouldn’t be as drying on the lips as a result of this. The pigment is actually amazing and a little goes such a long way. Yes there is a wee bit of patchiness with ‘No Tea, No Shade’ but much less than I have seen with other brands and is a very common phenomenon with darker shades.

Jeffree Star, Love Sick collection

Jeffery has just released his new collection, Love Sick, and it has an incredible eyeshadow palette called ‘Blood Sugar’ which I cannot wait to get my hands on – it looks gorgeous, so this will definitely be my next purchase. Mr Star, you rock!




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