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Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my very first blog post. (This is not strictly true, I do write the blog for Doll Face but my first personal one.)
Truth be told I don’t know exactly where I’m going to get the time to write a blog or even what I’m going to write about – my life simply isn’t that enthralling (I’m really selling myself here, aren’t I?) but I’m told I’m pretty funny (laughing AT me rather than with me) so you should totally follow me for that fact alone! I also know a wee bit about makeup, so you know… either or!

Being a single mum and workaholic usually means my idea of respite is a trip to the toilet alone or the indulgence of two minutes of solitary confinement in the shower… and even that isn’t sacred any more. I know mums everywhere can empathise but here are two small examples of just that to set the tone, my darling son burst into the bathroom just as I had, um, sat down. “Come play the Xbox Mammy …Now Mammy!” As much as I love being pummelled on a games console by a tech-savvy 7 year old I had to deal with the imminent first and foremost. Naturally this wasn’t speedy enough for my little angel and his reaction was to offer words of encouragement “Come on Mammy, I believe in you!” 🙈😂 As I said, nothing is sacred anymore!

Another time in the shower enjoying the solitude of, oh, about 30 seconds when I was abruptly interrupted by the glass door being forcibly yanked open and one tiny arm thrusting a bottle of Shloer inside with the command of “Open this!”. Not to worry, I am mentally retaining all of these humorous stories so I can pick out the best for his wedding day speeches. Revenge is a dish best served cold. 😈


I’m sure from the pictures you can tell I’ve a complete rascal on my hands but we’re a team, best friends – you won’t get one without the other. I’ve been blessed with this incredibly boy and I am so thankful for every day he has enriched my life. ❤️ He is what one would call an ‘old soul’ and his comedic timing is impeccable – I could nearly dedicate an entire blog to his one liners.

When I’m not being a mum I’m working my posterior off at Doll Face – when I’m not applying makeup or teaching I’m bogged down with the administration side of things. Owning your own business is tough – you pay for it with blood, sweat and tears. Deep down I’m hoping that this blog will prove therapeutic by providing me with light relief in the form of an outside project. That said, I love working as makeup artist and everything it involves. I know I’m privileged to wake up to a job I adore everyday. Not many people can say that.

Model: Rebekah Shirley (ACA Models), MUA: Louise Loughran for Doll Face – House of MakeUp, Hair: Laura McDonald for Doll Face – House of MakeUp, Photographer: John O’Neill (Sperrins Photography)

To date the highlight of my career has been launching my own makeup range through Doll Face, I noticed a gap in the market for professional quality cosmetics at affordable prices. I know only to well the price of building a kit! The first product launched was Doll Face Forever Brows, a brow pomade. I really didn’t know what to expect. Would people even be open to the idea of a new brand, my brand? Turns out I need not have worried, dreams can come true! The first batch was extremely well received and sold out in only one weekend to rave reviews and continues to be a bestseller. In the year since I have extended the range to foundations, lipsticks, brushes and more.(If you want gander you can see more here)

So with all that in mind I intend to use this blog to bring you makeup tips, tricks and reviews. I’m sure I’ll touch on life as makeup artist and in general. I want to keep this a place of positivity so I intend to stay away from local politics & religion because, well, ain’t nobody got time for that craic!

With that I’m going to sign off for I have early start tomorrow morning. (Ahh the makeup artist’s life is the life for me!)

Talk to you all soon,




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